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Do you see areas of your business that need improvement but you can't find the time to do it?  Would you like to increase your profits and improve your efficiency?

With more than 15 years of home building operations experience from start-up to 100+ homes per year, Carrie shares her knowledge and experience by bringing an outside perspective to your company.  Touching all aspects of your company, Carrie will work with you to improve your profitability and simplify your operation for continued success.



The constant call of the important and urgent can be daunting.  Most of your energy goes to keeping all of the plates spinning while the opportunities for improvement of then get left by the wayside.  As an experienced home building operator, Carrie can help drive the improvements while you keep moving the ball forward.  Processes, systems, software upgrades, P&L review and more can make a positive impact in your bottom line.


As an experienced speaker from the stages of the International Builder Show to community events and as Professor of Construction Management at Kennesaw State University, Carrie is an experienced presenter for business, leadership, and community (specifically veteran) events.  Able to facilitate both speeches and instructional training virtually or in person, all events are crafted to your needs and provide relevant and actionable information.



Does your team struggle to communicate efficiently, costing you time and money?  Do you need them to collaborate better, and bring the best ideas to the table?
Through coaching and leadership training, one on one or group sessions, Carrie will help you close the gap resulting in better communication, collaboration and profits.

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